Abstract Submission Guidelines


  • Abstract must be submitted online.
  • Abstract must be typed in single-space, in English, using at least 9 point size font and should not exceed 2000 characters.
  • Title: Do not bold, italicize, underline any items in the title. Do not include authors and institutions in the title. Avoid the use of abbreviations in the title.
  • Authors should be listed by First Name and Surname followed by initials. (For Example, Amitabh Bacchan, not Bacchan Amitabh). Name of presenting author should be underlined. Do not include title, degrees, or suffix in the authors field.
  • Institution: List the institutions in which the work is carried out followed by city. Please do not mention individual author’s affiliations.
  • Type body of the abstract in order of Background, methods, results, and conclusions.
  • Do not include title, names and institutions in body of the abstract.
  • Standard abbreviations are acceptable. Uncommon abbreviations must be put in parenthesis and preceded by the full word the first time it appears in the text.
  • Tables and graphs can be included and will be considered as 600 characters each. Photographs/Images/other figures will not be accepted.
  • Please proofread the abstract carefully for factual and spelling errors. The spelling of names, the order of authors and institution name will appear in IHJ as submitted.
  • The presenting author must also be a registered delegate for the conference.
  • In case of difficulty, contact us at csi68annual2016abstracts@gmail.com
  • Once submitted, no corrections are possible. To withdraw an abstract email us at csi68annual2016abstracts@gmail.com.
  • Abstracts must be submitted by August 16, 2016.


How to submit your Abstract Online

  • You should login to submit your Abstract. If you have already registered for the conference, you can login with the Username (email id) and Password provided at the time of registration. Those not registered for the conference, Click here to create Login Username and Password.
  • After registration, Delegate can login with the Username (Email ID) and Password provided at the time of registration.
  • Delegates who have already done Paid Registration do not have to register again for Abstract Submission. They can use the same Username and Password for the Abstract Submission.
  • After login, you will see the dashboard. Click on the 'Submit Abstract' icon.
  • Submit Abstract button will lead to the Abstract Submission Form.
  • After filling the abstract form, there will be a preview page. Delegate can click on the “confirm” to complete the submission of the abstract.
  • Upon submission, delegate will receive a confirmation email to his email id.
  • Delegates can view the status of the submitted abstract by clicking on the icon 'View Abstract' in the dashboard.