International Faculty

Prof. Roberto Ferrari

Professor of Cardiology in the University of Ferrara and is Director of Cardiology at Santa Anna University Hospital of Ferrara and of the Centre of Cardiovascular Research “Salvatore Maugeri”.. Professor Ferrari is currently the Past President of the European Society of Cardiology (2010-2012) and has been Vice President and Chairman of the Education Committee, President of the World Section of the International Society for Heart Research, Councillor of the Board of the Italian Society of Cardiology, Member of the Scientific Committee and Councillor of the Board of the Italian Federation of Cardiology.

He is currently Editor of Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine and has been Editor of European Heart Journal Supplement and of SIC and Simpliciter. Roberto Ferrari is also Member of the Editorial Board of Cardiovascular Drugs Therapy, Journal of Applied Cardiology, Cardiovascular Research, Basic Research in Cardiology, Canadian Journal of Cardiology, Britain Heart Journal, European Heart Journal and more.

He has written 23 books and over 800 peer-reviewed papers on various aspects including basic research, pathophysiology, and clinical investigation in the area of ischemic heart disease and heart failure.

Professor Ferrari has been involved in the executive and steering committees of several multicenter trials, including EUROPA, PREAMI, SENIORS, PACMAN, BEAUTIFUL, Signify, STRATEGY and MULTI-STRATEGY.