Scientific Committee Chair & President Elect's Message

A scientific feast in Kerela, “Gods own Country” - this is what is in store for you when you register for the Annual CSI 2016 meet!! As a Chairman on the Scientific Committee, it gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to this year’s blockbuster scientific drama.

To begin with , we have an outstanding international faculty, which, in addition to speakers of global repute, has 5 presidents of major global organizations, like ESC, ACE, AHA, WHF, and SCAI. A special plenary session “Presidential Conclave” is dedicated to their stature.

This year’s CSI meet revolves around learning from case-based brainstorming by experts. As many as 15 sessions are based on cases which have the highest learning value, with renowned champions and pioneers shining light on various modes of evaluation and treatment.

In the plenary sessions, we will have some outstanding talks by well-versed specialists on dilemmas that we face on a daily basis. Keeping in tune with times of cocktail approaches by the HEART team, we have some of India’s best cardiac surgeons giving their powerhome presentations on surgical advances, which simply cannot be matched by percutaneous techniques.

To augment the plenary sessions, “rapid fire” sessions will provide an opportunity to hear short answers to innumerable quick decisions we need to make routinely. The abstract presentations will indicate the future of cardiac research in India, and oral moderated sessions will bring out their practical utility.

The three live relays from Boston, Los Angeles, and Giessen, (Germany) will ensure we don’t miss out on any of the world’s best speakers, and we will also get these experts involved in hour-long deliberations on local cases. Special drug overview sessions will highlight new drugs, opening up therapy options previously considered impossible and will also educate us on how to combine existing drugs effectively yet safely. The PG”Maut-ka-kua & Shark-Tank” track will take the young minds virtually through the experts’ decision-making processes, preparing them well for future cases they encounter.

The National Interventional Council will showcase Galaxy of Stars in the auditorium as well as Live from Cath Lab, And last but by no means the least, intervention gets an extended two and a half day sessions, reviving it as the strongest component of this annual meet.

We, at our end, have spared no effort to connect the smallest threads to yield what promises to be a comprehensive, world-class summit. If you miss it, you will have only yourself to blame!

I look forward to seeing you in Kochi!!


Dr Shirish (M.S.) Hiremath
President Elect of Cardiological Society of India 2016
Chairman Scientific Committee